November 27, 2009

The Next Step Forward

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I wanted to do an update.  Many years ago, my introduction to the internet was by “blogging” although back then it was just called journaling.  I had joined a small little site called Livejournal and I actually met some great people through it.  I am a journaler at heart.  I used to be a big writer back in the school days, but having a full time job and family really cut into that.  For a while there I had a job that would allowed me to log into Livejournal and do an entry, so  there was some consistency there, but lately, time has eluded me. lol  But I am going to do my best to get back into it.  It really does help me SO much.  But I have really just not been sure of the direction in my life lately either, so I did not want to document anything.  So in my other blog, I simply post messages, tips and exercises to feed the need.

I made the decision about a month ago to quit my job, take the leap of faith and go full time with my Lightwork.  Too be honest it is scaring the beejeezus out of me if I think about it too long. lol  When I do and some anxiety builds, my spiritual team will lead someone to me that books a reading.  I swear to you, I can’t even make that up it happens so often.  So I do the readings each night, fall in love again with what I do and feel ok.  Overall, I am excited about finally being able to focus on one less full time job.  Also,  my housework has been sorely neglected the past couple of years! lol

But I am also excited about so many other things I have been putting off for when I have time.  Creating meditations, lessons, readings, healings, and just writing.  I have a book in my head that I want to write.  I have been waiting to have time.  Not even sure if anyone would want to READ it. lol But I do want to write it either way.

I also want to create my own radio podcast and be on others.  I receive a good response from the couple I have been on and I have really enjoyed doing them.  So I have been feeling that I may create my own.  I have also met so many wonderful people to be on the show.  Not sure what type of format I am looking for yet though.  I may just create lessons or give messages.

As Thanksgiving has just passed, I do need to say that I am so thankful for the wonderful people in my life.  My husband, my children, my mom,or wonderful new pound puppy Jack, and all of the friends I have made the past few years that are sharing this new life’s journey with me, being so supportive and great.  But also, I have to thank all of my wonderful clients.  I was telling someone the other day that I have amazing clients.  I started this journey with the Law of Attraction and I was very specific with the universe and Spiritual Team of what I would like in a client and it has completely come to me exactly as requested.  I love my clients.  They are so smart, funny, and supportive.  It has encouraged me to go forward with this knowing that they are out there to connect with and enrich my life in so many ways.

If you are reading this, thank you for being part of my journey !  I am grateful for all you as well and your part in it.

Many blessings and much love,



October 19, 2009

Love Campaign

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     I live in LA where the studios are all located.  Over the past year, I have been watching as the population slowly dwindles.  Over the last year, studio workers get laid off as the jobs go to other countries, and now as it all trickles down, the beautiful small stores are closing, houses go up for sale and every weekend there are hundreds of garage sales as people plan to move where the work is.

    I do know that this is all very scary and stressful.  As an intuitive, you can feel it in the air as you live here.  It is dense and thick as fear settles in.  I want so badly to remind them all in the grocery lines and at the gas pumps that they are not alone!   I watch the stress in strangers faces as they stare off, not sure what they are going to do next.  The best that I can do is smile when I catch their eye or  close my eyes for a second and send all of the love and light that I have in my heart and prayers to them for that brief moment, knowing that my Spiritual Team and theirs are working together for that brief instant, simply because I asked them to. 

   I have decided that what I am going to do is make up simple business cards and leave them around town in random spots that simply say…”You are Loved. – The Angels”  What do you think?  Will you join me in this love campaign from the Angels?  People need random acts of love and kindness now more than ever.

     I want so badly to remind people that while yes, it is chaotic in the world at this moment, but they are loved.  Always.  Completely.

September 28, 2009

September already almost gone? Bring on the Fall!

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I am excited and blessed for the new month ahead. 🙂 I had a very busy month this month with a psychic/healing fair each weekend! lol This has meant that I have not had as much time available for readings, but now I am open again.  It is finally cooler today after a week of 100 degree temps!  I am so ready for Fall.  Or at least our version of Fall here in LA which means, not as hot. lol

I have been putting my energy in the fairs and at the same time, lying low, waiting for Mercury in Retro to be over so that I may record my meditations to be available for download on my site. As some of you know I tried to record them DURING this month… yeah, I know.. WHAT was I thinking!? lol I had to take them down as we had technical difficulties.  Shocker. But the Aries in my said, “Do it now!”  I should know better than that by now! lol

We also have a new addition to the home, a brand new doggie named Jack.  We rescued him from the pound.  I had asked the angels for a small black and white dog with short hair that was kind and good with kids.  Well, we went to the pound and there he was, as ordered from the universe, made available to the public that very day. He is a mix of Chuiaua and Dalmatian.  (I have no idea HOW, but that’s what he looks like. lol) He rarely barks, is pad trained and walked into our home like he had always been part of the family.  So it worked out perfectly.  He has been with us about two weeks now. I do get to practice the pet psychic skills on him. lol My husband says he loves me best, but I think it is just because I listen to him. lol

Other than that, I have been leading my meditations here in town and they are starting to fill up quickly each month.  I had to create a meetup group to keep the RSVP’s straight so that I don’t over book the room, the Angel Healing Meditation is still every 3rd Friday and now I have a great new Theta Manifestation Meditation.  It was a full house the first night, I am excited to see the next on.  It is the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

I will be taking the Advanced Theta Healing class in October.  Very excited about that!!! Then I am planning on taking Intuitive Anatomy in March and on to Idaho to take the Teacher courses.   I love learning new things!

Well, that is about it I think, kids are back in school, working, readings, and healings. Much love to you all!  Make sure to follow me on Facebook to follow me daily:) That is where I post the most. Angel messages, exercises and tips, where I am going to be, etc. 

Many Blessings – Lisa

September 7, 2009

The world of work and love

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I have been absent from blogging simply out of sheer busy and I apologize:)  Someone sent me a note asking where I had been so I thought I would blog a minute (Obviously, they are not following me on Facebook. lol)

The past few weeks have been about planning and moving forward.  I have added an online calendar to my website so that clients may now book an appointment in real time.  THAT has been a tremendous help in streamlining everything.  I have also booked a few events this month.  I will be reading at various psychic fairs and Grand openings.  Very cool.  But to be honest, in general.  Just working.  I would post about that here, but my tracking statistics tell me work folks read it, so, no. lol

I have REALLY been enjoying the Theta Healing and have signed up for the Advanced class in October.  I am also now going to hold Theta Manifesting Meditations ever 2nd Tuesday evening at The Crystal Matrix.  Very excited about that and people are already signing up!  It’s goiong to be a good one. I also of course will hold my Angelic Healing Meditations there every Friday, as well.

Other than that, I have just been learning life’s lessons as we all do and walking everyday in trust that there is a bigger picture and I have help. 🙂  Apparently I am getting HUGE in Lancaster. PA ;-P and grateful for it .  I love the people that have been phone reading with me from that area.   Maybe I will book a trip next year to visit in person.  I can write that off, right?  Work event? lol  Though I am sure it will just feel more like fun.

Now that the kids are in school, I have taken a Friday off here and there to record the meditations that people seem to resonate with.  I have purchased the royalty free music and it will be my next project.  So stay tuned for that 🙂

I have done a lot of hanging with the family this weekend and just having a nice restful time.  I hope that you all have done the same!

Many Blessings! – Lisa

August 9, 2009

Lots of changes and yet, none at all

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As I stated in my last post, I was taking a bit of a break last week. It was much needed. I work full time and while I am very grateful for that in many ways, I have been there for 10 years, as have most of the other people there and it is hard to be with the same people day in and day out.  I get sick of the daily drama.  I know that it would be worse if I went somewhere else though.  I have it good where I am.  I am just tired of the rut I am in. lol

But I have been using the time to learn about myself and others. Learning to release some things that are not my issue and move on. I know that is why I am still there.    It is like a television to the human psyche.  I have just been observing, learning and hopefully growing.  My hardest bit is to not feel pity for the ones that are digging these deep holes for themselves.  I just stay out of it as best I can, though I am not perfect, I am working on the gossiping. I just ask the angels to help them see that it’s not gonna end well before it explodes in their face. But in the end people’s decisions are THEIR decisions and THEIR life choices.   I learned LONG ago, most of the time it is best to just stay out of it and let their spiritual teams do the work.  They are much more knowledgeable than me any day and all I can do is pray for them and send them angels and light.  I’ve got my own lessons to deal with. lol

I have also decided to not do reading in person at The Crystal Matrix any longer, but I have added another manifestation meditation there next quarter along with my Angel Healing Circles.  I will also be logging in now and then during the week to take calls and have decided to set my pre-paid phone readings to be on Sundays only. I just need to spend more time with the kids and creating my new meditations I want to get out.

I will not be attending Charles Virtue’s AACP course in September. I am sad to miss it, but I have promised a new friend that I will help her with her psychic healing fair here in LA. She is so awesome and it is much closer to home. Charles and his wife have taken over the websites and social media now that I have it all established for them. I am so grateful to have been able to help. But now, no more time available for it. It is going to be fun to see them grow and blossom in the future. He has such a gift.

So as you can see, lots going on. I love it because I think I have finally found the balance of work, home, and Lightwork. *crosses fingers* I had to let some things go, but I have a few things I have been putting off that I can now do. I am taking a web design class this fall. All signed up already. I am going to create the meditations everyone asks me for, I bought the music and software. Just waiting for the kids to go to school so nothing is in the background. lol I will also be learning Theta Healing at the end of the month. I am excited for that one. Plus, of course, my LA Spiritual Events Calendar is taking off!

It is all very cool:) I hope you all are well! Have a great week!

July 29, 2009

On a break… from life

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Ever just wish you could turn over the reigns of your life to someone else for a few days?  I know that this is how people end up in abusive relationships.  lol Giving up their control to another because they are too worried to take responsibility themselves.   But, sometimes I sit and meditate thinking, man, I just need a break, you guys take over for a while.  Knowing that they always help, but the nasty free-will clause is in place for me to learn “lessons” and do my own school work lol  If you look in my history, I was never really great at school.  I have this “problem with authority” or so they told me.  I really never had a problem with it as long it was me in authority. haha.

Well, I have been releasing this problem bit by bit and enjoying the ride as I give up that control.  But I am also well aware that I am still the one ultimately responsible for all decisions in my life.  I can follow the guidance, watch the signs, and give into fate.  But in the end it is my choice which direction I choose every time.  That helps the control freak in me a bit.But also, wears me out once in a while.

The best solution I can come up with is to take a couple of days off. Veg out.  Maybe go to the beach.  Yeah, that sounds good 🙂

July 28, 2009

Speaking with the Angels

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     As I was standing in line, I felt the tap on my shoulder from Archangel Ariel to remind me that I should be using my green bags for the groceries that I was purchasing.  I had forgotten them.  lol  It is that little nudge that one plastic bag can make a difference.  I do re-use my plastic bags and recycle when I have to do this, but I have this mental block about remembering to take the bags with me.  (I wonder what THAT’s about lol)  So I was standing there in line getting a reminder and I thought to her, “Well, next time, remind me when I leave home, not when I am here and it is too late.”   lol   She agreed that was fair and would do so.

     But that also got me thinking on the walk back that most people do not realize just how easy it is to talk to your angels.  At least that is what I have found.  I tend to be conversational with the angels.  It works for me.  I am sure there are those out there that like the rituals and putting the Angelic Realm and the Divine  up on a pedestal.  I do agree that sometimes, it helps to do so and I do get on my knees and prayer in reverence when I feel guided.

      In fact, the first half of my life that is the way I was raised and trained.  To “fear” God.  The unworthiness of self to speak my desires, needs and wants out loud to a God that may or may not decide to grant what I wanted on a whim.  To be grateful for the scraps God let me have and to only expect help from my Angels when I was in the deepest of troubles.  But over the years, the Angels and God have shown up a little more regularly.  Actually I have just learned that they are always there when needed.  They have sent me messages and signs of love, shown me that they are friends and constant companions, not judges and superiors.   They each have their own sense of humor and personality.  I can feel the energy of that, just you would a friend or loved one.

    They had to do it gradually over time.  Break those misconceptions I had received from the past and erase those ingrained beliefs over time, but as I stood in that grocery line, talking so casually in my head to the Archangel Ariel about grocery bags, I started to chuckle internally.   It was such a transformation from the fears of my youth.  Having been slowly shown this love and transformation over the years, I have grown comfortable and trusting in this relationship I know have with the Divine and its messengers.  Knowing that no matter what, I willbe ok.  They’ve got my back. 

     I can now release stress and fear so much easier than those old days.  It is amazing and wonderful.  Like walking on a cloud.  It’s changed my life and it is as easy as having a conversation with a friend, standing next to you in line.

Many Blessings to you and your angels – Lisa

July 20, 2009

Cleanse away, baby

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I was so blessed with much forward progress this past week.  I had a really wonderful new blessing of attunement  from the angels and my Ascended Masters and I have been on a high ever sense.   It took me a couple of days, but then I realized that along with this attunement came a cleanse.  I have been releasing much and things have been popping up to address.  So I just acknowledge and move on.

I have just been in a whirl with all of the “coincidences” and blessings that have fallen into place one after the other in just 3 short days.  I am not going to go into any more details here at this time as I am sifting through it all, but I do want to say that I am SO excited for the results that I know will be manifesting in their own Divine timing 🙂

ALSO! I have finished Lisa Williams’ book, Life Among the Dead. lol Remember I bought it when I went to the Bodhi Tree for her book signing?  It was a very easy read and so fascinating how her own journey has unfolded for her up to this point. Finishing any book with my schedule has got to tell you it is good ;-P I have applied through Hay House’s Volunteer to help at an event through their site and mentioned I would be open to helping with her Santa Monica Mediumship Course in October.  We will see if I am needed.  It will all work out if I am.

So now I am sitting here typing out a quick update as I kill time until True Blood comes on. lol  I was noting to myself and the husband how quickly the weekends just fly by.  I really rested this weekend too.  Much needed.  That and it is 100 degrees here in LA! ick.  I am SO not a summer person.  Just another reason to release this extra weight. lol

I hope you all have a blessed week! I know I will and I am grateful in advance! – Lisa

July 18, 2009

Services for Money? My opinion.

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I have had a wonderful past few days of magic with my angels and guides.  I was blessed to receive a couple of readings from gifted readings and a Reiki healing, which then in turn, lead to an attunement from the angels and ascended masters.  It has been awesome and a blessing and I am so grateful.  Excited to see where it is all headed.

It has also gotten me thinking and brought some things and people  into my life to learn from.  I thought I would share my thoughts here as I have now worked through them myself :

I have been on line for many years, even before I got into the world of spirituality.  I have journaled through Livejournal since it began and it was popular to blog. lol  I have always known the Internet is a medium for helping let the world know my opinion on things.  I also feel as though, in doing so. I have helped many throughout the years.  Saved folks lots of money and time if they want to buy something. Find a good reading or healing or even just a product that works.

Before the Internet it was all about word of mouth and who you knew personally.  But the Internet has opened it all up on a much larger scale so that you can reach many more people simply by typing out a blurb and hitting post.  You are no longer limited to just telling the people you know personally or in your neighborhood.  I think that is just awesome.

What I do find very funny is that since we have graduated from the place of finding a good psychic and whispering it across a tea table during a social visit like it is something to hide, the pattern is shifting to one of lets share the news on a blog or forum when we find someone good or honest.

However, not all people are changing with the times and find it offensive to speak about what you charge for your services in public.  Like spiritually should be sacred and from the mindset of lack, though I would not doubt they enjoy knowing of a good reader or healer so THEY do not waste their hard earned money on someone that is working out of greed and ego instead of the service.  The reason I decided to post about this is that I have had a few people come to me and try to put me in my place for promoting myself or others that I know are really talented and learned at what they do. When I find someone first hand, I like to share.  I get nothing from the sharing or then knowing I am helping others with the information.  I have always been a know it all (umm..hello…I’m a German Aries with claircogniznace , thank you very much) and liked to share my opinions.

I do it to help the world know that they are the real thing.  In this psychic world of fakes,  thieves and con men and women that give our art of spirit a bad name, I think it is important to note the positive people that work from Light and are GOOD.  PLUS, if we are being COMPLETELY honest…There are many people that work hard to be of service, but just aren’t that good at reading and healing and charge money.  The intentions are good, they are good people, just  not that good at the services they try to provide.

Recently I was reminded of an analogy one of my teachers,  Rev. Patricia Bankins, relayed in a class that really hit home for me on this subject.  Back in the day of healers within the Native American tribes, the medicine man or shaman would never need to worry about money, clothes, food or anything, because the tribe would make sure all of their needs were provided daily in exchange for the healing services and advice they gave.  They would wake up each morning and food would be at their doorstep, clothing provided, new shoes, etc.  This was because the tribe honored and knew that their time was better served in the healing work instead of acquiring these daily needs for themselves.

In the western world, we have lost this appreciation for the healers.  Therefore, charging for services has become necessary to clothe ourselves, feed our families, and just plain live.  Money is an exchange of energy for time and services and that is simply just the way the Western world is now structured. That”s just reality.  But there are still people that believe you should live in lack to be spiritual.

Too be honest, I think this is and never was the case.  The universe is a place of abundance in all things.  There is enough and more for everyone.  So there is no need to live in lack AND do spiritual work.  Just as you would have no issue paying a therapist or medical doctor for an hour of their time, the same should be to pay a reader or healer.  Many times the result are far greater and you have been given more attention and time for the service paid for.

I also found it very interesting that as these people have been coming into my life lately, I have been receiving messages and cards from my spiritual team to believe in my self and self worth.  It cannot be a coincidence.  So I decided to blog it out here 🙂  I know the right people will be drawn to it and learn what I am about.  Not that it really matters though, as I am as I am.  I am a work in progress.  I learn daily and apprecaite the lessons as they are given to me from all sources.

I am also hoping that it will at least help some people that have this mindset to see a new way of thinking and release the shame and judgment that they are feeling over others.  Maybe question themselves as to why they find it offensive when someone tries to help another in this way or if someone promotes themselves because they need the money to live while theyare being of service to the world by sharing information, time or healing.  What mirror is being held up and what fears are arising in themselves to feel these negative emotions about another person.  Because for me, though I don’t always succeed, one of the things I m working on most is to release my judgment of others.  I try to ask myself what it is that is that I am fearing or the reason these negative feelings are coming up in me and work through them or ask for help to do so from the Divine.

Much love and blessings

Lisa –

July 14, 2009

New projects and old…

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The past few days have been about organizing and streamlining for me.  I really love the direction that my SpiritualEventsLA.comis taking and BOY is it taking off fast.  I am so excited to see people adding events everyday and then watch the stats on my site climb as more and more people find it.  I really do believe that it is what LA needed.  A central place to find what is going on in the area spiritually. I know it will make it easier for people to be guided to what resonates with them. (It will help their spiritual teams to!  They’ll just have to lead them to one site not many lol)

Also, I have been growing and changing the BlissQuest.comsite as well.  Yes, my baby is still there and running strong 🙂  Growing as I nurture it.  The Facebook Group Newsletter  now goes out to over 1,300 people weekly which has me very excited.  I have new people signed up to post weekly tips and messages so if you aren’t signed up for the group, I recommend it! Very talented people that are reliable. I know that the newsletter is being of service and connecting those that need to be connected from the response I get and feedback:)

 I have started a group as well for the Spiritual Events LA  as well .   I am trying to be frugal in the expenses for newsletters and such as they can add up through these external sources. 🙂

I am also thinking about holding a message circle somewhere here in town each month.  I need to think about that.   As well as start my podcast soon.  It is the natural next step I think.:)

Other than that, believe it or not, I have been taking it easy.  I know it looks all busy here online, but I have just been resting and relaxing for the most part.  Doing the day job, which disheartens me daily. The apathy is thick here and heavy.

But I really love this weeks message from the Angels:

“Believe that all things are possible if we work together as the team we are. Know that we can do these simple requests that you have for us easily if it is for the highest good of all involved.” – With love, The Angels

Have a blessed week everyone! – Lisa

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